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Our Drivers

Are you an avid biker? Do you seek adventures you will remember for the rest of your life while helping people at the same time? Go on and apply for the tour! We’re still looking for bikers. This is a unique opportunity to go on an adventure of a lifetime and help others doing it. We want to have a team of four to eight bikers. Every tour lasts two or three weeks. Every participant should provide his own bike and equipment as well as make sure their bike is in Africa at the beginning of the respective tour. Perhaps there is a possibility of renting motorbikes. The planned Namibia tour will cost around 4,000 euros including flights and potential bike rental fees. If you bring your own bike, you can reduce the costs. Every application is binding, the participant has to pay half of the costs in advance which are not recoverable in case of the interruption of the trip. All drivers need to have years of driving experience and should be familiar with long trips as well as in good physical shape. As the work of Christ’s Hope and the organization of the tour have a Christian focus, the driver should not be adverse to this attitude and agree to the principles and values of Christ’s Hope. For further information and to apply for the tour, contact

Biker 1:
Sören Dörr (34), Christ's Hope e.V.

Biker 2:
Gerhard Potgieter, Christ’s Hope Int.

Projects we want to present

Namibia: CarePoints
South Africa: Education work & CarePoints
Swaziland: CarePoint
Zimbabwe: Visiting a hospital
Zambia: School project
Tanzania: Working with street children
Kenya: Working with AIDS-infected people