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With the „Ride for Hope Africa“, we want to support the work of Christ’s Hope International in those countries. We want to do reports on the care for children who have lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS.


We want to show how Christ’s Hope helps these children to find a new home with relatives or foster parents in their familiar surroundings. We don’t want to put them in orphanages where they are lost, neglected or abused. We want to strengthen families and create a family environment in which they can grow up. We want to relieve families by offering daycare programs, food and tuition fees. We don’t just want to support and care for AIDS orphans in children’s homes, but also children who live with foster families or relatives after their parents’ deaths.

A sustainable education work is absolutely crucial to us. Only those who are sexually educated can effectively protect themselves against diseases. We want to offer children and adults the opportunity to learn more about love, sexuality, marriage and family. We want to help them understand their own bodies and teach them about the dangers of an infection with diseases such as AIDS.

Our model is to work with churches, schools, and authorities in order to find those children who suffer the most from the consequences of HIV/AIDS and to invite them into our CarePoints daycare centers. We are going to show the incredible results of this family-sustaining work in several reports, because helping where it matters makes a difference in the life of a child. The difference between being illiterate and learning how to read and write, between being alone or having a family at your side, between being rejected or loved, between a life at risk of being infected by HIV or a life guided by education and knowledge of one’s own sexuality.

One of our mottos at Christ’s Hope is “You cannot change the whole world – but the world of a child”. It makes a difference for this one child that needs your help. You change his whole world. Make that difference – change a child’s world. Become part of our project and support our work with a donation.

How to achieve this goal

We want to visit different AIDS projects in these countries.

Namibia: CarePoints
South Africa: Education work & CarePoints
Swaziland: CarePoint
Tanzania: Working with street children
Kenya: Working with AIDS-infected people | mobile nursing of AIDS-infected people

Every project is presented on this website by our drivers. You can donate directly online for each project individually and support it. We also want to visit several churches and congregations to raise awareness of this problem and to get them involved with the work of Christ’s Hope. With our “Ride for Hope Africa” we not only want to raise funds for these projects, we also want to present the work of Christ’s Hope to potential sponsors and supporters.

TV Sendung Ride for Hope Afrike

You can support our drivers as a company, a sponsor or an individual. How? Maybe by buying one kilometer, i.e. supporting a driver with a specific amount (e.g. 0.25 € / $) per kilometer driven. Or you sponsor the purchase of a motorbike or camping equipment or bike parts. You can also support specific projects we visit along the way and present on our website.

Our drivers will report on their experiences with the locals and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We also want to write a book about this tour. We want to tell the stories of the people we meet during this trip. We want to use this book’s revenues to support one of the projects in the long term.