Tour reports 2017 and 2019
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A tour in the name of hope

Final report of our tour 2019

"Owei," I think as I drive through the dense traffic of Johannesburg in South Africa with a group of fourteen motorcycles, three support cars and two trailers, "hopefully that will be fine and everyone will come home safely ...".

I'm traveling in Africa with the Ride for Hope Africa, a tour for HIV / AIDS-affected children in Africa. There are nineteen participants from Germany, Belgium and South Africa as well as my co-organizer Gerhard from South Africa.

In front of us are more than 3000 km of adventure and great landscapes. Right now, with so many people in the chaotic African traffic, I doubt it was a good idea.

Yesterday we were in CarePoint, a facility of Christ's Hope, the organization we're traveling for. There we played with the children, they took a lap on the bike and distributed the school supplies. We looked at what extensions are planned to serve more AIDS orphans. Already nearly 40,000 euros have come together through our ride, which should benefit this important work.

All these impressions, the children and their life circumstances concern me, as it happens shortly before the goal of our first stage. In front of me, a participant slipping away on a wet track, falls and stays lying first. We are a bit shocked at first, but luckily nothing worse has happened. In the next town, we find a Yamaha workshop that sets footrests and shifters for us. Then it continues.

The first night we spend in tents near the Kruger National Park. I relax with the others with cold beer around the campfire and eat grilled antelope meat. Suddenly we get unexpected visit. A bushbuck mother with fawn visits our camp. They are very tame and even eat us out of hand. "They probably come to the campers more often," I think.

The next day we are on gravel roads heading south. On our way to Hazyview we want to visit the viewpoints "Three Rondavels", "Bourkes Luck Potholes" and "God's Window".

Unfortunately, a sandy section of the route calls for a victim. Andreas, a participant from Germany loses control in the soft sand and crashes. He hits his head hard and is then very dizzy. The accident costs us almost two hours and thus the visit of two viewpoints. Still, the scenery and views are spectacular now at the end of the rainy season.

The next day is a safari in the Kruger National Park announced. Of course, we can not go to the park with our motorcycles, so we use a safari company. The nature, the animals and the seemingly endless expanse of the African bush are overwhelmingly beautiful and amaze us. It is especially nice to see a newly born water buffalo calf trying convulsively to stay on its feet. 

The next day it goes to eSwatini, formerly Swaziland. We drive over Barberton the so-called Pigs Tail, a fabulous route that leads us with beautiful roads over mountains and through valleys. After a short dirt road Brian announces that he has planned the routes for the most part that it would now be only tarred road to the finish. However, the "tarred road" turns out to be a rather impassable gravel road, which demands a lot from our participants - who are still inhospitable. The day is then rounded off with a track that is tarred but so full of deep potholes that it is impossible to drive in the dark. Luckily, we arrive at last sunlight, quite exhausted from the long day at the farm of Niels, a friend of the organization on which we will stay for the next two days.

Niels and his family warmly welcome us with a braai (barbecue). The warmth, openness and hospitality in Africa are always overwhelming.

We spend the next day with the children at CarePoint in Siteki. The children loudly cheer us, laughing, singing and dancing. They obviously looked forward to the mzungus (white people) on motorcycles. Brilliant children's eyes admire our machines and the excitement is topped when we take the kids on motorbikes for a ride. The joy of children is contagious and we have a great time together.

Evidence, a young man who directs the work of Christ's Hope among AIDS orphans in Eswatini, tells us about work at CarePoint, the difference it makes in a child's life, and the challenges of HIV and AIDS in one country, in one Almost 30% of the population is infected with HIV and there are around 44,000 AIDS orphans (source: UN AIDS). Thoughtful and concerned, we return to the farm that evening. It can be clearly seen that what he has heard and He: 

Final Report Tour 2017

Thursday 30.03.17

Today, the Ride for Hope Africa will officially be over. For the grand finale, our whole team drove to the Erindi Game Reserve to see some real African animals. We rode in two safari trucks through the African savannah, once again amazed by the beautiful landscape.


We had the privilege to see several antilopes, giraffes, elephants, hippos, crocodiles and - as an absolute highlight - lions. It was a wonderful conclusion to our great trip through Africa.

30.03.17 >> more pictures


Wednesday 29.03.17

On the morning of the 29th, we had our last official event. The Okahandja CarePoint had organized a breakfast for supporters of our ministry and those interested in it. It started as early as 6:30 a.m. and nearly all of the 60+ invited guests showed up. The room in “The Rock“ CarePoint was packed and we spoke about our work in the CarePoint and our ride through Namibia. Afterwards, there was much time to talk to the guests.

Later that morning, we brought our bikes (including the wrecked one) back to Gravel Travel. We felt terrible because of the damage, but the owner Ralf was very understanding and the big was fortunately well-insured. We hope and pray that everything will work out fine with the insurance company.


Tuesday 28.03.17

We started from Rehoboth very early, as usual, to our last trip via Windhoek to Okahandja. We stopped in Windhoek to clean and repair our dusty and dirty vehicles. We then continued to drive to the Christ's Hope Center in Okahandja where we unloaded, sorted and cleaned our equipment.


Monday 27.03.17

Today we woke after a rough night in which we were terrorized by mosquitos. We were privileged to have a breakfast with some pastors and businesspeople from town and it is great to see, that they are interested and want to help.

Afterwards we had Lunch with the with the children, could be part of their usual program and walk them home in the afternoon.

Most of the children live in a slum area in little shacks without running water or electricity with up to 15 people on maybe 20 square meters. We were all very touched and sad to see the children live in such conditions.

Some of us even cried. The need and the suffering is indescribable.

27.03.17 >> more pictures


Sunday 26.03.17

Today was not very eventful. We started out to our longest leg of the trip towards Rehoboth. The first 300 Km we drove on gravel. It was long and very exhausting. We had to refill our bikes, because we ran out. We would have been stranded in the Kalahari if we would not have had our jerry cans. We also helped an elderly man who struggled to get his tire changed.

In Mariental we had lunch and made the rest of the way, 200Km to Rehoboth on the tar road. The temperatures were 37-40 degrees without any shade in sight. By the time we arrived, the bike riders were absolutely exhausted and we all agreed, that this was the most tiring part of the trip so far.

Friday 24.03.17 | Saturday 25.03.17

Today we packed up early and made our way to Keetmanshoop. On our way, we visited the Canyon Road-House which is well worth a visit. We admired the cool ambience and the old timers in the place.

Once we arrived in Keetmanshoop, we were welcomed loudly by the children of the CarePoint with singing and dancing. We then had lunch with the children and spend the afternoon with them. After the official program, we walked the children home.

in the evening we just relaxed, because we are starting to get more and more tired.

On Saturday the 25th of March organized our colleagues in Keetmanshoop a breakfast for local supporters. We had a devotion together and heard from the staff and the children what the CarePoint means to them. We then ate all together breakfast. After the official part, all the other children came to the CarePoint. We played with them and had loads of fun. After lunch we wanted to take some of the children for a ride on the bike, but our very first driver was stopped by the police who told us, that we are not allowed to do it. After the children returned home in the afternoon, we went with the CarePoint Coordinator to the local hospital to visit and pray for one of the children from the CarePoint. The little girl we visited has Aids and TB. She is on life support and dying. She got HIV from her mother through birth and it is not her fault that she’s got it. To see her lying there, broke our heart. We hope and pray for a mirical and that this little girl will get well again.

24.03.17 >> more pictures


Thursday 23.03.17

Today we rode a short and easy route to the Hobas campground near the fish river canyon. After arrival, we just signed in and dropped off the trailer before heading out to the view point of the canyon.

There we were surprised with an breathtaking scenery and one cannot describe the view we had in front of us. We could see a thunderstorm move past us and where the rain came down, without getting we ourselves.

We took a lot of photos and ended the day with a nice BBQ and sleeping under the stars.

23.03.17 >> more pictures


Wednesday 22.03.17

Today we drove from Sesriem to Bethanie. We took the C14 down through Namibrand.

The fast-open space and breathtaking nature blew us away. We saw hundreds of Zebras, Oryx and Springbock.

Our SAG vehicle had a flat tire again and the roads was challenging again. But by now we are used to the gravel and the sand and we can just enjoy the ride.

Towards the end we were surprised with heavy hail and rain and could ride the last 100Km soaking wet through puddles and mud and had loads of fun while doing it.

22.03.17 >> more pictures


Monday 20.03.17

Today was a good and a bad day. We started early again to drive into the desert. A hot wind blew us almost of our bikes and we had to stop often to drink. Shortly after one of these stops, I saw a beautiful scenery and slowed down for a possible picture. When looking over my shoulder, is saw My brother, driving after me. He realized too late that I slowed down and crashed into my bike and hit it on the back weel. He flew past me and, Praise God, had no more than a few scratches and bruises. His foot and wrists are a bit banged up and he has trouble walking. I am completely fine.

But both our bikes are pretty messed up. It took us a good two hours to get mine running again and his is done and on the trailer.

That of course is a real bummer for our project, but e are glad that it is not worse. I am just so sorry for him, tht he can’t go on riding right now.

We arrived, even though we had this accident and burst tire safe at Sesriem in the evening and had the day end with a nice BBQ under the most beautiful star sky in the world.

20.03.17 >> more pictures


Sunday 19.03.17

Today, on Sunday the 19th of March we split the team in two groups to share about our project in three different churches in Swakopmund and Walfish Bay. My team went to a church in Walfish Bay to a local church and we had the privilege to share first in a Afrikaans and the in an English service. We had some good talks after the service and could meet many new people. After that, we still took some photos with some local young man from Round Table who supported our Project.

For lunch, we had a little picnic and wanted to drive to dune 7 and do some quad riding afterwards. Due to a sandstorm coming from the namib desert that was not possible. We still tried to get there, but hot winds of about 50 degrees Celsius made it impossible. So we called it quits and spend the rest of the day relaxing.

19.03.17 >> more pictures


Saturday 18.03.17

Today we started early and drove towards Swakopmund. On the way, we stopped at a shipwreck and took some photos.


After checking in at our guesthouse we met up with some biker rider from Swakopmund who showed us how to ride off-road in the so-called moon landscape, an area in the desert.


The riding was a real challenge and at 40 degree Celsius we were glad to stop at an oasis after two hours of riding to have cold drinks and a nice BBQ.

18.03.17 >> more pictures


Friday 17.03.17

Today we really started riding. Because we didn’t want to go on too many tar roads, we changed our route and went via Groß Barmen on gravel roads. For many of us it was the first time on gravel and what lessons we learned. It was good training. We had everything from loose sand, gravel and water crossings. At the first stretch of sand, the first rider went down and after him throughout the day all others, except two. For the first 100 Km we needed four hours of riding.

After that we went a little on the tar road to make up time and then we drove on gravel to the Spitzkoppe, a mountain in Namibia. Driving on gravel is dangerous and you need all your concentration and power to handle it. The Spitzkoppe is beautiful and we would have liked to stay longer and enjoy the scenery, but we had to drive though to Henties Bay to check into our accommodation.

At the end of the day, we were all exhausted and glad, when we could finally go to bed.

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Thursday 16.03.17

This morning we had a briefing for Christ’s Hope and our upcoming ride. We also got safety instructions and pre-packed the cars to see if everything fits.

After Lunch, we went to one of the CarePoints and Okahandja and sang and played with the kids and participated in the program. In the beginning, they were a little shy, but soon enough they were interacting with all of us.

The highlight was for all the kids to take a ride around the block as passengers on our motorcycles. It was the first time for all the kids and their CareGivers to sit on a motorbike. They had so much fun.

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Wednesday 15.03.17

This morning we drove early to Windhoek to get some last-minute stuff and to pick people up from the Airport. We still needed some 20 Liter Jerry cans ton ensure, that we don’t get stuck in the desert because of a lack of gas.

After that we drove to Grave Travel Namibia at the Windhoek Mountain Lodge to pick up four of our bikes. We drove back to Okahandja on these Yamaha XT 660R and got a first feel for the bikes. In the meantime the guys from South Africa also arrive and after a big Hello we had a relaxed evening.

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Monday 13.03.17

This morning I woke up already at 04:30 after an unrestful night. My mind was too busy with all the things I still had to organize. After working for two hours at the computer I still managed to sleep for a little while.

After waking up, I worked a little at my bike, fitted the re-charged battery and finally got the bike running.


Needless to say, I had to take it for a little test drive. The result is: We will get very hot on the bikes and driving on gravel and sand takes some getting used to and is challenging.

Later we (Karl & Sören) went through to Windhoek to do the shopping for our expedition. Food, drinks and other supplies.

After that we picked up Bram and Orlando from Belgium at the Airport to join the team.

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